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Family Services Association of Boyle County

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We provide short-term financial assistance to those experiecing a temporary financial emergency. We also assist clients in identifying other programs and services that can contribute to their financial stability on a long term basis.


Family Services maintains four main service areas. Direct Client Assistance, Resource and Referral, and Client Initiatives.

Service 1 Direct Client Assistance: Payments are made on behalf of the client “directly” to the vendors for basic goods and services such as rent, utilities, food, medication, or other proven necessities.

Service 2 Resource and Referral Program: Written “resources” are made available to clients that provide information about social services that are offered on a local, state, and federal level. We produce informative pamphlets, flyers, and maintain a bulletin board about other resources and make them easily accessible. Some of those social services require written “referrals” from a help agency. WE also serve as a screening agency for some local churches.

Service 3 Client Initiatives Program: Any services provided that are above and beyond. Addressed primarily to those clients who have been identified as frequent users of Direct Assistance, this program intends to foster a sense of personal responsibility, “initiative”, and commitment to self-help. Participants are asked to undertake a variety of activities depending on their particular situation and demonstrate their willingness to make a positive change in their life. It is under this program that we offer Money Smart Money Management Seminar, What Works Employability Seminar, and Bridges out of Poverty- Getting Ahead group.

Senior Assistance: Generally the same services as in the previous three (Direct Client Assistance, Resource and Referral, Client Initiatives) except that the people 55 years and older are allowed a higher maximum household income and people 65 and older can receive assistance with medical equipment, Medically necessary Nutritional Supplements, Medical Alert units, and more.

Brief History
The organization currently known as Family Services Association of Boyle County, Inc. began under the name “Community Work Board” on June 1, 1916. It was sponsored by representatives of local churches, civic organizations, Centre Colleges and “interested lay people” of Danville. The CWB consisted of thirty members, many of whom had experience in social work programs in other communities. The goals of the CWB were:
1. The establishment of a central agency through which relief given by public officials, private organizations, and individuals may be coordinated and made more efficient.
2. The substation of friendly service and continuous care for impulsive almsgiving followed by neglect.
3. The encouragement of thrift, self-dependence, and industry, especially in the coming generation.
4. The better acquaintance with conditions in our own town and community and the realization that it has many problems as well as advantages and the acquiring of a forward look.
5. The promotion of plans for community welfare, looking toward health, recreation, education, employment, and spiritual development of all people.
In 1921 a community house was purchased on Walnut Street, so that volunteers could teach classes in subjects including sewing, cooking, chair caning, and shoe cobbling. Relief work also continued during that time.
Throughout the Great Depression of the 1930s and the war years, the FWABC continued to play a pivotal role in implementing the social programs of the New Deal. Many of the new governmental programs were centralized in the Community House and members of the Board of Directors became heads of various local offices for the administration of new state and federal programs. Their knowledge, experience, and dedication contributed to an efficient, coordinated delivery of these expanded services to the Boyle County community. FWABC continued to help those who were ineligible for those government programs.
In 1958 the Community House was relocated to its current location at 447 South Third Street. The name was changed again, to Family Services Association of Boyle County, Inc.” to make clear that the organization had other functions than “handing out money” as the term “welfare” had become synonymous with. Over 100 years have passed since its beginning and the PURPOSE of Family Services Association of Boyle County, Inc. has remained constant and the original guiding principles are intact.
Board of Directors and Staff
The Board of Directors is a governing board that must consist of three classes; one class is to be elected each year for a three-year term. The officers are elected by and from the Board of Directors. The officers include the President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Executive Director is appointed by the Board of Directors and has direct charge of all the activities of the association. The Executive Director hires and supervises social work interns, case workers and volunteers who are sometimes employed by the agency as support staff.
Board of Directors
President - Danny Goodwin
Vice President - Amos Tubb
Secretary -
Treasurer - John Wickliffe
Class Ending December 2023           Class Ending December 2024           Class Ending December 2025
Danny GoodwinAmos TubbMelissa McAllister
Rebecca ChatmanCR PayneRuth Clarkson
Beth LeaheyMelissa CaudillChester Kavanaugh
John WickliffeJennifer Stephens

Executive Director
Kimberly Velasco
Case Workers
Debbie Hardin, BSW
Donna Dunn-Linton

Community Partners

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